the first day of spring

monday was the first day of spring and ther last day of lectures

on the way home form the pub i spent roughly 6 hrs in a twilight zone being kidnapped by aliens, who stole from me everything i own that is of negligible replacement value, but of significant emotional value, that i ever take out of the the house:

one 'deutsche bank' laptop bag
course notes to my favourite course this yr
my mini a-z (london road atlas)
mobile phone

also 'men of mathematics 2', after i'd read the 4 chapters on my heroes, and hadn't got around to reading 'kronecker', my anti-hero.

and further copious other things which are precious to me and provide ample proof of intelligent life on earth...



this week i have mainly been reading

men of mathematics 2, selected chapters

Abel - Genius and Poverty
Galois - Genius and Stupidity

to read next:
The Big W (& Sonja Kowalewski) - Master and Pupil
Riemann - Anima Candida



love is...

...finding any one person more interesting than the whole of the Internet...


'men of mathematics' by e. t. bell

Asked some years later how he [Abel] had managed to forge ahead so rapidly to the front rank he replied, 'By studying the masters, not their pupils' - a prescription some popular writers of textbooks might do well to mention in their prefaces as an antidote to the poisonous mediocrity of their uninspired pedagogies.



dvd packaging

Piracy creates JOBS
Pirates pay TAX on goods bought



the three most annoying things customers do

- could i have an [inaudible] of [inarticulate], please?
- i'm sorry? a pint of stella, did you say?
- that's right.
- no, mate, i asked for a bottle, not a pint.

(putting down two pints)
- that's the carling, and that's the fosters
- [vacuous inattention]
(five minutes later, when i'm serving someone else)
- oi, mate, which one's the carling?

most annoying of all:
- back in the 1950's, when i was a young man[sic], the barmen would add everything up in their heads and never make a mistake. you wouldn't be able to do anything if you didn't have those electronic tills.



sort it out, springer.

lots of good math textbooks have a list of symbols used through the book and their definitions/meanings.
what so few of them have however, is an index of symbols, with the number of the page they are first used on. it's very useful! they do it in every book for the words used in the book, so why not the symbols?



hunter s thompson still dead

And it looks like Duke is going to die.



incidence of all numbers in a 3 hr analysis lecture

0 - featured 98 times
1 - 55 times
2 - 19 times
∞ - 6 times
3 - 4 times
e - 3 times
-1 - 3 times
½ - 2 times
4 - 2 times
π - 1 time
i - 1 time
5 - 1 time
all other numbers - 0 times


Could language and maths be processed by the brain in entirely different ways?

It seems likely, doesn't it?
from Guardian Education



the italicized words on p 27 of 'junk mail', a collection of essays by Will Self.

Crack Wars New Yorker Madame Bovary mittel Crack Wars The Weightwatcher's Guide Fear and Trembling Crack Wars Lectures on Metaphysics Modern Review



the good news

...is my bookmarks folder fits on the screen again, although bookmarks/blog soon won't.


it's just enough to know...

other people think about these things
although they do seem to be sociologists.



personality test
And my type



This review made me just go out and buy the first Handsome Boy Modelling School album.

So that's my view of Hunter S Thompson. People who know about drugs think he was a little optimistic about them, people who don't think he was some kind of messiah. Such people usually go on to ruin my life. On par, I didn't really like him.

These two are both teachers.



my favourite artist

Mark Pawson

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