more 007

"live and let die" is a bunch of racist crap - james bond goes to Harlem, Florida and Jamaica to take on the 'negroes'.
"octopussy" is two pretty fun, if banal, short stories sandwiching one entirely inconsequential one. Some soviet double agent has been sent a Faberge egg as payment for services rendered, so Bond goes to the auction to see if he can spot a KGB agent trying to bid up the price. And does. That's it.


Also recommended: "The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency".



Did you hear about the dyslexic, agnostic insomniac?

He lay awake all night wondering if there was a dog.



the heart/mind of my first computer, who went to the dump last week



imagine if

...Kelis was your mum, and Nas was your dad.
That would be cool.




i answered all the questions which didn't have integrals in them, which was 2 of them.

if i'd tried to learn one or 2 topics really well, i probably would have got another question. but i made the mistake of attempting to understand everything, and so i had a little clue about two of the other questions, but couldn't quite remember enough to answer them



useless but cute

on sunday i learnt the proof that every prime number which is one more than a multiple of four can be expressed as the sum of two square numbers, and decided that this was probably the most practically useless piece of knowledge anyone could ever hope to know.
then i realised later that in fact, it could be very useful if you wanted to cut a piece of wood the same length as the square root of such a prime (using pythagoras)...



election night

fell asleep at 4:30 without getting a chance to see George Galloway take Bethnal Green and Bow for 'Respect' his new party born of the anti-war movement and denounce Tony Blair in his speech.
They came second in my constituency from nowhere, but Labour got more than half the votes as usual.
A doctor running as an Independent on a 'save our hospital' ticket and a Welsh Labour party renegade running against the official candidate, a woman selected through positive discrimination, both won seats.
Apart from that, Liberal Democrats didn't do as well as I had hoped, neither New Labour or the Tories did as badly as I might have hoped, disappointed but not really surprised.



pi over two

equals (2*2/1*3)*(4*4/3*5)*(6*6/5*7)*(8*8/7*9)... etc

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