library books

after all, what else is there?



found poetry

Philip Pastoral
lost in Newark, New
thriving urban subject of decline.

historical Hackney
the richest place
the home of conformist thinkers.
country William from there.

accelerated by urban renewal schemes, is
hardly there,
touching London, a monument to immigration,
small and failed
But prosperous

Sutton Bryk
Ralph Sadler of Thomas More
Surprising Nation

open after one
in London,
the Parlour elegant for some
wonder rooms and kitchens.
In the midst it is strangely National
soaps, biscuits, cheer and
other joy

look at clothes.
venture over the Nation instead,
there are old and lost men



3 reasons to respect evil Swiss genius Leonhard Euler

I still don't like him though. some people are too smart for their own good. go Gauss!




i have a temp job and am spending my afternoons filing letters for money, and my evenings studying sorting and searching algorithms for fun. this is good.

it means i can stick to the principle of not trying to implement algorithms on a machine without trying them by hand on at least a small amount of data.
it also means that i am getting very good at filing, if i wasn't before.

especially important is the fact of working in a small office w/ 8-10 other people, and having to work w/o a desk/in a corridor much of the time. since the thing about sorting is that it's pretty easy if you have a large amount of space to place things. it's only when you don't that it gets clever.

it also makes life easier not having to engage in idle mathematical speculation about more than one thing a day.



6885 characters/hour

..my data entry speed with errors deducted.
(not bad apparently)

I love job agencies



all ways of colouring a 3x3 square with two colours, excluding rotations and reflections



found haiku

because i'll be dead one day.
thinking about this



worthy of hatred

gwen stefani and whoever 'writes' her 'lyrics' for her.

'this sh*t' is SH*T and YOU are fucking bananas, woman.



a painting

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