the first day of spring

monday was the first day of spring and ther last day of lectures

on the way home form the pub i spent roughly 6 hrs in a twilight zone being kidnapped by aliens, who stole from me everything i own that is of negligible replacement value, but of significant emotional value, that i ever take out of the the house:

one 'deutsche bank' laptop bag
course notes to my favourite course this yr
my mini a-z (london road atlas)
mobile phone

also 'men of mathematics 2', after i'd read the 4 chapters on my heroes, and hadn't got around to reading 'kronecker', my anti-hero.

and further copious other things which are precious to me and provide ample proof of intelligent life on earth...

Hope you're ok. Those damned aliens are everywhere in London...
Aliens, eh? What do you suppose they wanted with your laptop bag and mini atlas of London?

--Mike Sheffler
... turning to the 3-D map, we see an unmistakable cone of ignorance
Probably the same thing I had 'em for. To assist me in taking over the world.
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