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China fights children's addiction to games on the internet
IN BEIJING The Scotsman

CHINA is to open a centre for children addicted to playing games on the internet in an effort to tackle a problem that affects millions of youngsters.

The Sunshine Companion centre in Beijing will be the first national base set up to treat Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) and offer counselling to some of the estimated five million Chinese children who spend upwards of four hours a day playing online games or surfing the internet.

Therapists describe IAD as an "outstanding" issue among urban children and the centre is part of a government-led battle against what it terms "social evils", which have also included gambling and pornography.

Still a matter of conjecture in the West, direct links between online gaming and social misbehaviour are taken for granted in China. Truancy, theft, suicide and even murder have been blamed on online games.

"I have met children who spent days on end in internet bars. As a result some fail their grades and others get into fights with their parents," said Tao Hongkai, who returned to the central Chinese city of Wuhan in 2002 after teaching in the United States and who now helps IAD sufferers.

"I talked to one 19-year-old who, after fighting with his father over use of the computer, demanded that his mother get a divorce. And they did, because they were worried their son would not go back to school," he said.

"I was shocked. In America, kids and parents have problems but not as bad as this."

Lan Hai a psychologist at the centre, said therapists would address the issue of IAD by discussing children’s ambitions and the impact on them of spending hours online every day. "I believe children should have a more rounded development," Mr Lan said. "Certainly, they should not study all the time and I help parents to recognise this.

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