A wikipedia article I wrote about the 'hacker group' Bantown is being considered for deletion. Now may be your last chance to read my first foray into outlaw journalism. You can also register your opinion as to whether or not this article should be deleted on the discussion page at the second link above.

I've weighed in. Keep fighting the good fight.

I would love to contribute to Wikipedia more, but I just don't have the time and energy to deal with most Wikipedia users. For instance, given my interest in and knowledge of Net Neutrality, I would love to work on that article (even with a neutral point of view!), but there's this Richard Bennett jerk (you can frequently see him sniping at Susan Crawford, ICANN member, in the comments section of her blog) who watches the page like a damned hawk and shits on any changes that don't reflect his views on the issue. It's not even so much that he's trying to slant the article toward an anti-net neutrality position, rather, it's just that he refuses any cogent, neutral argument that supports net neutrality.

He's a problem that's localized to pretty much that one article, but everyone seems to have a pet article or two, which makes progress really difficult during editing.
it's annoying.

i don't begrudge at all the time spent finding out, thinking, and writing about a subject that interests me. but having to spend twice that amount of time again defending the work you've done from people who are on some kind of power kick and have a lot more time than me is just frustrating.

this deletion doesn't look like it'll go through though.
Bloody Pedants.
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