there are only twelve stories

every story is a variation on one of the twelve. this was known to homer but only now have they been identified:
  1. boy meets girl
  2. mismatched law enforcement officers
  3. series of murders at large country house
  4. small girl discovers magic world
  5. love between cowboys
  6. dog walks home
  7. two men wait in park, nothing happens
  8. priest and other man talk while on train
  9. boy meets girl in dystopian future
  10. small-time lawyer takes on big-time corruption
  11. man becomes king in accordance with prediction
  12. asked to help with diy by divorced lady neighbour

I think little guy dragging himself out of the gutter to become a big cheese despite adversity is an important part of our narrative history.
it's definitely part of history and/or fiction.

comes under 10, 11 or 12.
also: two men on a mission from god. that one's important.
listen guys, there aren't 13 stories, there are twelve and these are definitively them. as endorsed by homer, were he still alive, and other narrative giants.
anything else is either a) not a story or b) a variant of one of the twelve.
There may only be 12 stories out there but my work's Adult fiction section has just two; Cockney orphan's brave and beautiful daughter finds out her secret and also true love with brave and dashing Cockney fireman during Blitz/Great Fire of London, and smart high flying yet vulnerable office girl drinks vodka until she runs into the arms of Mr Right/Big/Perfect, a lawyer she used to hate.
Where do these fit in with Homer?
okay, there are now only two basic stories
-two people find a connection in a lonely world
-one person elevates their condition in a miserable world
everything is a combination of these two, just the ratios are different.
Someone else once said that there are only two stories:

1) An innocent goes out into the big wide world
2) A stranger comes to town
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