that's what they said, whoever they are

But yeah.. Total hell offically started today..a nd ends when the goal is reached...

If you feel that you're shy, unusual, highly intelligent, able to sense the emotional states of others, good at judging body language and inordinately pre-occupied with things that most people are not, congratulations! You are just like everybody else.

Subject: WANTED - working TV/DVD/Video combi SW4
Lack of space means less room for things and gadgets....therefore all in one with less boxes and wires would be ideal.... preferably white or silver ...

She reportedly wears crystals to ward off the evil effects of computers and telephones

well the google advertising system in many respects actually really takes the risk out of advertising. it's actually like having a magic fruit machine where you put for example maybe one pound in and you know that you're going to be guaranteed to get ten pounds out.

That is a complete lie! I don't sleep more than an hour a night, and I feel great! I do not loose any brain function, in fact I once had a dog that kept peeing on the floor. We cured him by when I went to the office party and got really drunk. What were we talking about?

Apparently the rapture did occur last Tuesday as was originally
predicted. All true believers were transported to heaven while the rest
of us were left behind to await the Anti-Christ and the end of the world.
Widespread reports that the rapture had not occurred stemmed from
expectations that the effect would be more widespread than it turned out
to be. The definition of "true believer" was apparently more restrictive
than expected, however, and the only qualifiers were a family of five,
living in Stenton, North Dakota.

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