that's what they said

"Continues to lose and promotes our guys are usually were nul7ified by Teeth into when about 700 users A full-time GNAA"
Anonymous Coward

Stallman Feeds Self Whole Chicken
Richard Stallman stunned a conference on Open Source Software and the Free Software Movement when he took the stage with what appeared to be a whole rotisserie chicken. As shocked attendees watched, he then proceeded to eat the entire chicken with his bare hands pausing only to wipe the grease on his shirt while mumbling "microsoft wants you to use a fork and napkin". Upon completion of his one-man chicken eating demonstration he demonstrated the features of EMACS to an audience that could only be described as disguested.
Anonymous Coward

"using linux is like using windows, except every time you try to do something like install a program or a driver or set a different resolution, a big black dude runs in and kicks you in the side of the head"

"nice response but my doctor told me i have less then 40 years to live so nice try ,thanx anyway."

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