i love irony

a big oil depot went up in smoke a few days ago. i heard some police guy on the radio telling people not to panic buy fuel. he pointed out that panic buying actually causes shortages.
it had obviously escaped him that warning people not to panic buy actually causes panic buying.

Panic is panic is panic.

Hi, Thanks for the input on Lacan. Yeah, the mirror.

Freud was interested in investigating how the polymorphously perverse child forms an unconscious and a superego and becomes a civilized and productive, where as Lacan was interested in how the infant gets this illusion we call a "self." Lacan's essay on the Mirror Stage described that process, it shows how the infant forms an illusion of an ego, of a unified conscious self identified by the word "I."

I agree with you but; Lacan's main influence orprecursor is Freud. Lacan reinterprets Freud in light of structuralist and post-structuralist theories, turning psychoanalysis from an essentially humanist philosophy or theory into a post-structuralist one.

Thanks for your input, and I'm glad to say I'll never go beyond the Mirror Stage.
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