A computer company with sense

From the BBC Micro User Guide:
"After that, do by all means press every button in sight on the computer - you can't do it any harm at all."

This gave me so much confidence as a 10-yr-old.

And from the Advanced User Guide:
"The final paragraph in this introduction must be a word of apology to those programmers engaged in the task of software protection. Many of the details contained in this book will give those intent on pirating software inspiration to circumvent their protection techniques. On the other hand these same details may also give the software protectors inspiration. In the end no software protection is complete. Any protection technique relies on the fact that the person trying to break the protection has a threshold at which he decides that the effort and resources required are greater than the reward. For some this threshold is higher than others but for these people the reward is often the victory in the intellectual battle with the programmer of the protection method. For those intent on denying the software producer his income, one hopes that this threshold is somewhat lower."

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