imagine that some time back in the early nineties you used to live in los angeles and you went out with this canadian girl for a while, she reckoned she was a singer songwriter but actually worked as a waitress and anyway she was a bit nuts and kind of obsessed over you a bit much and had a kind of whiny voice and wasn't such great shakes as she thought she was either as a singersongwriter or a girlfriend and so anyway you were kind of seeing this other girl most of that time anyway so well basically you broke up with her after only about three weeks or something and then she goes even more nuts and actually starts to scare you a little bit and not only does she start making obscene phone calls when you're hanging out with your new girl and then she breaks into your house while you're at work and goes through your underwear drawer and shit like that and now you're actually starting to get worried that she's dangerous or something but then she records a whole album of spurious allegations of things you supposedly did to her and stuff like that and what an evil guy you are etcetera and the album for some fucking reason sells thirty million copies worldwide even though none of her other albums sold jack no it would be the one about you wouldn't it and becomes some sort of fucking anthem of women who think some guy shouldn't have broken up with them or did them some kind of wrong when they broke up with them and all these songs talking about your own personal shit that happened to you well however much of it actually was true anyway are being played on the radio day and night for about six fucking years and people you know even people who live in new york are like phoning you up asking you about i heard it was about you and did that stuff in that song really happen and then guess what ten years later is she finally over you? has she moved on? do you ever get the chance to forget about some alleged misdemeanours you made about a decade ago? no of course not she's releasing a fucking acoustic version of all the same songs all over again

that would be kind of a jagged little pill to swallow

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