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"politics is not mathematics" - the iraqi prime minister

Below is the opening paragraph of Josef Teichmann's PhD Thesis, entitled 'Infinite dimensional Lie Theory from the point of view of Functional Analysis' :

"Mathematics is not politics, but the universe of mathematics has been influencing in a subtle and silent way, but revolutionary in result, the discourses of human beings in this century. Mathematics is the most dangerous science. Here I do not think of people exploiting mathematical knowledge for their own purposes, I have the cold mathematical universe in mind, where every thinkable thought can be thought. Mathematics is the end of cynicism and this century is also characterized by the fact, that the most cynical thoughts about human beings have been realized with scientific consequence as some recent historical research on ”technocrats” in the national socialist and stalinist hierarchy explains. Today’s neoliberal world is much more subtle, but nevertheless governed by the structures of mathematics, which might mean liberty and prison. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find a book on history of mathematics discussing the aspect of possible sociological and psychological influences of the progress in mathematics, even marxist historicians do not although they definitively should."
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