all the nouns on page 100 of "the fountainhead" by ayn rand, in order:

Keating; mouth; voice; beauty; sounds; meaning; need; meaning; friends; voice; lesson; struggle; unity; will; will; disinherited; forgotten; oppressed; bulwark; faith; goal; time; man; thoughts; problems; gain; comfort; self-gratification; time; self; current; tide; future; History; friends; questions; acquiescence; voice; masses; call; brothers; Keating; Catherine; Catherine; face; sounds; loud-speaker; uncle; Keating; jealousy; affection; will; will; thing; voice; unconsciousness; streets; rain; direction; movement; sensation; muscles; Keating; silence; thing; thing; place; drink; Catherine; Uncle; speech; amount; regret; thing; Peter; thing; jerk; meaning; reason; Keating; fingers; wrist; sleeve; glove; skin.

BODY mouth; voice; beauty; need; voice; comfort; self-gratification; self; acquiescence; voice; call; brothers; face; sounds; jealousy; affection; unconsciousness; rain; movement; sensation; muscles; silence; drink; speech; jerk; fingers; wrist; sleeve; glove; skin
POWER meaning; need; meaning; lesson; struggle; unity; will; will; faith; goal; time; man; gain; self-gratification; time; self; current; tide; future; History; masses; call; brothers; jealousy; will; will; direction; movement; muscles; jerk; meaning; reason; fingers; wrist
fingers, wrist under power?
guess i thought of fingers grabbing a wrist...
Ps, guess what fell out of my copy of My Brother Jack? A ticket to the Melbourne Museum, dated 24/6/01
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