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Dear [manager],

This is to let you know that I have yet to be paid for 3 of the shifts I worked for you in the week leading up to Christmas.

That week I worked
Tues 21 6pm-close
Wed 22 12-6pm
Thurs 23 6pm-close
Fri 24 6-close

Last week I was paid by [pub] for 11.5 h. This seems to be payment for Xmas Eve - roughly 8 hours at time and a half.

On Friday payday I came to [pub] and gave [deputy manager] details of the 3 shifts I had not been paid for. He told me I would be paid for them next week.

I also asked [deputy manager] if he could advance me some of this pay in cash, since it was New Year's Eve and the amount unpaid is roughly £80-90. He said this would not be possible.

This week my payslip does not show any hours being paid by [pub].

I would therefore like you to:

- guarantee that I will be paid for the 18h you owe me next Friday.

- if possible advance me most or all of this money this weekend. If your cash control procedures do not allow you to do this I understand. However, in the circumstances I will not be able to work for [pub] again.

You can call me to discuss this on [phone number]. If I have not heard from you by tomorrow I will pop into [pub] to see you some time in the afternoon.

Thank you in advance for your help,

[my name]

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