i blame zero

on the effects of the introduction to European thought of the Arabic number system, and one number in particular:

"The notion of zero also had its effect on our psychological conceptualizations. Ideas such as the finality of death and the fear of it, the separation of heaven and earth, the whole range of existential philosophies based on the despair and absurdity of a world followed by non-being, all owe much to the notion of zero. We saw ourselves as separate individuals moving in a space which was other than ourselves, encountering in that space other beings separate from and other than ourselves. But these concepts are now also loosing their hold. We know now that we exist in groups, determined by various levels of energetic affinities, repelling, exchanging and absorbing through interconnected, subtle energetic communications. And our being extends outward through various energy fields to connect with larger fields. We have had to learn that there is nowhere that we can dispose of the things we have finished using - that there is no zero drain in our sink; there is no factory pipe or hole in the ground that does not lead somewhere. Everything remains here with us; the cycles of growth, utilization and decay are unbroken. There is no throwaway bottle."

'Sacred Geometry' by Robert Lawlor
1982, Thames & Hudson, London.

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